My clients are busy, professional women typically over 40 who want a yoga practice that’s less headstands and pretzel-like poses and more accessible poses with reaffirming results. My clients have very full lives and are intrigued by being in a setting with other women at a similar stage in life while supporting themselves mentally and physically through fluid, healing movement.

Does this sound good to you?

You want MORE of this…..

  • Poses for real people
  • Acceptance
  • Calm
  • Personalization

You want LESS of this...

  • Poses for gymnasts and ballerinas
  • Comparing
  • Frenetic energy
  • One size fits all

Does this sound like you?

  • My mind is constantly racing
  • I wake up exhausted
  • I have trouble falling asleep at night
  • I can’t prioritize rest or relaxation
  • I thrive on stress
  • I often feel angry and irritable
  • Overwhelm is my #1 emotion
  • Somehow my old physical exercise routine isn’t working anymore

Practice yoga with me and I will offer tools to manage your thoughts and experience more ease in difficult situations. This yoga practice will provide your body both the strength and rest you need but have not been able to give yourself.

There are two ways to work together: