June 30


Stressbusters You Need Now

I have been feeling sluggish lately. Which is sort of surprising since Spring is here, right? If you are like me the sluggish feeling brings along feelings of guilt too. Well, you can say goodbye to the guilt and self loathing because you are actually highly intuitive and in sync with the world!

This sluggish feeling is actually spot on with Spring. According to yoga’s sister science Ayurvedic medicine (ok stop rolling your eyes… I know this is a little woo woo) spring is Kapha Season. Which simply means that this is a season with an overabundance of the elemental qualities – water (think lots of rain) and earth (picture thick, sticky soil). 

This is reflected in our bodies as well. We may retain more water and might be feeling a little stuck. Before we get a spring in our step we simply need to melt away the winter. Remember, this winter has been exceptionally hard both physically and emotionally.

In both my private yoga sessions and group classes this month we will focus on gently melting away the excess water and getting our bodies moving again. You will feel stronger and invigorated

Group Classes ($15.00)
Classes are for all levels even beginners. Each class includes breathing exercises, yoga postures and meditation. 

Customized Private or Semiprivate (Do private yoga with a friend!):

  • I currently have two mornings available for new clients.
  • Email me at carlatanz@gmail.com or text/call me at 646-301-1363.

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